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Story Circle

Stories From The Heart

What is your life theme? If you wrote a memoir, what would it be titled? Why should anyone write about their life? I posed these questions to participants at the Stories From The Heart Story Circle Conference. Their heartfelt answers provide a voyeur’s view into these women’s lives.

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Kevin Bergen, Protocol, Action Corps

The Bergen Protocol

Only by taking better care of yourself can you improve your overall wellbeing. It’s important that you take action for nothing will change until you do. Kevin Bergen walks us through the Bergen protocol to help us understand how to get unstuck in life through expansion writing.

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Kylie Dunn,

A Year of TED Talk in Action

Everyone is broken in their own way and your experiences and challenges are shared by others going through similar situations. Kylie used TED talks to experiment on her life, and her experiences will blow you away and encourage you at the same time. She blogs about her failures and successes…and she finds a way to deal with her predicaments by sharing them.

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Michael Neeley, let go, coach, art of forgetting

A Knight With Mindfulness

“We keep going through the things that hurt us because we fail to let go of the old and make room for new things in our lives.” Michael Neeley, the author of The Art of Forgetting, emphasizes that some of the negative patterns in our lives are from actions that we take subconsciously, without much thought going into the process.

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The Sociopath’s Wife

According to research, 4% of the population are sociopathic and she married into the club. In this powerful story, we discover that truth is often stranger than fiction. Stacy unwittingly fell in love and married a man who appeared to be loving, caring and all that she ever wanted. She was painfully wrong.

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Kim Saeed,husband,narcissistic

Escaping the Narcissist – Let Me Reach

“It’s so hard for people who share children with narcissistic individuals because sadly, most people don’t understand what they need to do in a shared-custody situation”. Kim Saeed, a No Contact Coach, shares her story of suffering and survival from emotional abuse at the hands of a narcissist husband.

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Tom O'Stasik, golf, journaling

Writing Boosts Your Game

Journaling about his everyday golf game turned into a book opportunity for former professional golfer Tom O’Stasik. Along the way, he discovered that writing helped him get through the emotional challenges of life and process his thoughts.

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Cathi Nelson, APPO, photos

Photos Tell Stories

“For me the end goal is always to help people tell a story with their photos. I realized in the process of helping my clients do that, if they couldn’t find their photos and they didn’t know where they were, they couldn’t even get to that next step.” Cathi Nelson founded The Association of Personal Photo Organizers which aims to help clients organize important family traditions and memories that are captured through photos.

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Shellee Coley

Songwriter Series: Story Songs

“If someone else can see themselves that much in my songs, then I kinda owe it to myself to share it; even if maybe just three other people get a little bit of healing from it.” Shellee Coley a mother and singer-songwriter, continuously influences future artists in creating and molding music as a reflection of life and experiences. She shares the impact of music on personal growth and harmony.

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Mia Zanotti, The Voice

Songwriter Series: Be Yourself

“Stay yourself. I know that’s so cliché but it means something…be yourself, stay yourself. Look how you want to look, sing how you want to sing, write how you want to write and just make your music and follow your dreams. Because that’s why I’ve been doing and that what I’ll continue to do. And it has done a lot for me.” This is how 16-year old Mia Z is making her mark as a singer-songwriter in the midst of the image conscious mindset that is pervasive in the music industry these days.

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